Best Bedding for Rabbits

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Best Rabbit Bedding – How To Choose The Right Bed for Your Bunny

your little cutest pet deserves the best home with the best bedding because when you’re not cuddling them close, they can go and sleep easy in. Rabbits are herbivores, which means they take a green plant diet and do not eat meat. To run away from a predator, a cottontail rabbit runs in a zigzag pattern and reaches speeds of up to 25 mph (40.32 km/h) to escape from the predator. Rabbit is probably the cutest mammal ever.

Rabbits can have the best and happy life for ten years or more, so you have to provide them with a unique space to set their fluffy feet in. Mainly because some rabbit bedding options can be very harmful to rabbits. 

You do not have to worry, and we are going to provide all the gathered important information that you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your bunny. From paper to pine to straw or hay, there are loads of different materials to choose from.

This guide will help you decide what to use for rabbit bedding and how to create a relaxed sleeping area for your bunny. The most extraordinary rabbit bedding keeps your rabbit pet safe, dry, warm, and relaxed as they are sleeping.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Rabbits are victim animals, so they need to feel safe in their environment and like spaces to depart if feeling threatened. Rabbit bedding should be kept very dry and clean – with recurrent cleaning, so bacteria doesn’t have a chance to spread.

Make sure that the temperature of the sleeping environment is at best for your rabbit. Bunnies feel comfortable and relaxed at 60-70. You will also want to use bedding that eliminates smells to keep your rabbit cage bedding from becoming smelly.

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Types of Bedding 

There Is a Variety of Bedding for Rabbits; Some of Them Are Given Below:

  • Hay

This type of bedding is highly suggested. It is safe for your rabbit to eat, and it also provides a calm place for them to rest. Hay is also a choice that your rabbit will enjoy chewing on, and it’s safe and healthy for them to eat! It also grasps heat well so that it can deliver added warmth for your rabbit’s ease. Be sure to change the hay daily, as it can raise moldy rapidly. 

  • Pine Bedding for Rabbits

 Some animal supporters have elevated worries over aromatic softwood bedding that has been originate to disturb liver function in small animals like rabbits. If you’re concerned with your rabbit’s health, you have to make sure that your bunny’s bedding is in a well-aired area and take your pet in for regular vet check-ups.

 Blood tests after some days will be able to tell you if your rabbit’s liver enzymes are being exaggerated. Cedar bedding for rabbits is also not advised. It’s believed by many that cedar chips in your rabbit’s area could pose a danger to its health.

The perfume produced from these kinds of wood can cause liver destruction. While cedar and pine bedding is still popular with some rabbit owners, it’s important to note that we could not find any scientific research to validate these dangers to rabbits decisively. However, with so many other choices available, we think it’s best to escape them until we know for sure that they are entirely safe.

  • Straw

Straw bedding is a fantastic option to use in your rabbit’s cage. This is because it is comestible and terrific for keeping your rabbit kind, mainly if they live in an outdoor enclosure.Rabbits like to have something to bite on when they’re bored, so straw will keep them busy. Straw and hay are also dust-free, so they are safe for your rabbit’s health.

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Paper Bedding for Rabbits

Paper bedding is a prodigious option for your bunny’s bed.

  • Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This 99% dust-free paper bedding by Carefresh is harmless and lightweight. A safer substitute to conservative pine. It’s made from reclaimed wood pulp but doesn’t comprise the aromatic oils found in pine and cedar.

  • Carefresh Complete Confetti Bedding

For a colorful, fun option, Carefresh Complete does a multi-colored, “confetti” bedding made from shredded paper. Soft and porous, It can control a 10-day scent

  • Small Pet Select Premium Paper Bedding

Small Pet Choice makes unbleached paper bedding that is harmless and free of chemicals. It’s also a decent choice if you are looking for inexpensive rabbit bedding. Each bag enlarges to three times its original size, so it’ll last for longer.

  • Aspen

This type of bedding is a harmless substitute for pine and cedar. It also is careful an economical option for rabbit bedding. Many rabbit owners feel it is the most scent-free option and is additional porous. Be sure to select a brand that eliminates the dust and wood debris. Aspen is harmless for your rabbit to chew on.

  • Fleece Bedding for Rabbits

If ease comes first, you might want to consider fleece bedding for your rabbit. This is a super soft material that will guarantee the bunny is warm and cozy. Yet, it is pretty high-repairs and probably not appropriate for pet holders who are short on time. Fleece is not as absorbent as some other bedding materials, and therefore must be changed more frequently. It will not soak up urine, so your rabbit should be relaxed by using a litter tray before you try fleece in his cage.

  • Paper Pulp

Using torn paper for bedding is another countless option to consider. Paper bedding for rabbits is highly porous and works for indoor rabbits. They are also almost dust-free. The paper bedding is also recycled, so it is naturally friendly and harmless for your rabbit to chew on. It can fascinate three times its weight in liquid, which will keep your rabbit feels comfortable and dry for longer. This is also great bedding for other small animals. 

  • Washable Bunny Bed
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For an easier substitute, Ware Man Feeding Rabbits in The Wild ufacturing makes a washable Safari Sleeper Bed suitable for rabbits. It has a waterproof bottom stuffing to engage spills and be trimmed to your rabbit’s cage.

  • Card Board

Cardboard is a choice that you can use to line your rabbit’s cage for additional absorption. Since it can be readily accessible, it won’t be a different price which makes it inexpensive. It’s safe for your rabbit to chew on, be sure to remove any staples or toxic tape from the pieces you place in your pet’s cage. You can always use things like cardboard and newspaper in a mixture with some of the other choices listed above to add to your rabbit’s bedding absorption!

  • Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are an additional choice that offers high fascination. However, it can be too weighty for more incredible cages. It also will enlarge and turn into dust once it becomes wet, which needs dusting. 

  • Paper Pellets

Similar to the wood pellets in presence, the paper pellets are made of secondhand paper. They are biologically friendly and are lighter than wood pellets. They also enlarge when wet but not as much.

Comfortable Bedding for Rabbits You Can Make in Your Home

You can make the best and comfortable bedding for your rabbits in your home by shredding your paper. This can work well, especially with outside rabbits. Just shred newspapers or cardboard, and use it to line the ground of your bunny’s cage. Be cautious when using newspaper, though, as some rabbits will bite and ingest the ink. They could also tear it up when bored. Shredded paper for rabbit bedding is a quick, easy, suitable, and very low-cost way of making sure your pet has a comfortable, safe space to sleep.

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