Best Rabbit Toys Review

Top 20 Best Rabbit Toys 2021 – Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Top 20 Best Rabbit Toys 2021 – Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Rabbit Toys are a must for every rabbit owner. Aside from providing your pets with a healthy and fun way of recreation, rabbit toys can also prove to be of great importance for the health of your rabbits. They would keep your lovely little pets active al day which is important for their decent growth and nourishment.

Also, how many times did you had to face the horror of seeing shredded or chewed fabric all-around your home?

Or you find out that there is a big hole around a corner of your home? 

Chewing and digging are two of the most common playing traits that are associated with bunnies and rabbits. You need something that can distract your pets in a fun and healthy way so that you don’t always have to look over your shoulder for any kind of messes at home.

You need the best rabbit toys that are engaging for your rabbits if you want to avoid such mishaps and also, to ensure a healthy living environment for your pets.       

Here, we are going to review the top 20 best rabbit toys that you can buy online. These products would keep your pets busy as you engage in other household activities 

Without further delay, let’s get started with the review  

 Woven Grass Play Ball by Peter’s:

Peter's Woven Grass Play BallPeter’s Woven Grass Ball is a natural grass ball that is totally safe for chewing. It is best suited for rabbits and would provide hours of fun to your pets. It is shaped just like an ordinary ball and although there are grass strands that make the surface kind of uneven, this ball is still your best shot at keeping your pet buys. Also, it is safe to use so there won’t be any kind of risk playing with this grass ball.  



  • Natural Grass Ball for pets

  • Safe to play with
  • Safe to chew
  • Totally Natural
  • Actual Ball Like Design
  • Grass Strands make the surface uneven

  • Loses its freshness after a short while

 SunGrow Chew Log Made with Fresh Pine:

SunGrow Fresh Pine Chew Log for RabbitsRabbits need to chew. It is in their nature. This is exactly what this chew log by SunGrow is for. It would keep the teeth of your rabbits strong and healthy. It would be a great physical exercise for your pets. The lumber is natural and fresh so it won’t cause any kind of health issues. It has a textured design that is safe and that looks great. It is a useful rabbit toy that you need to check out.  



  • Lumber Chew Log for Rabbits
  • Made with natural wood
  • No artificial compounds added
  • Non-Toxic Wood
  • Good for Rabbit Teeth

  • A bit expensive
  • The texture might be a bit hard to chew

Rosewood Pet Fun Tree for Rabbits: rabbit toy is a perfect chew and scratch toy for rabbits. It has a fun design that is tree-like with toy carrots hanging with it. The rabbits can play around here with the tree and it would prove to a be source of healthy entertainment for them. It is made with pet-safe material so there won’t be any risk on the health of your pets. It is suited for rabbits as well as guinea pigs and rats.



  • Fun chew and scratch toy for rabbits
  • Decent design that is nontoxic
  • Made with seagrass and corn leaves
  • Durable design
  • Not safe for bunnies
  • A bit hard to scratch

Wobe Pack of 8 Toys for Bunnies: 

Bunny Gerbil Molar Wooden Natural Wooden Pine DumbellsIf you are looking for a complete toy package for pets that is both healthy and fun, you should check out the whole pack of 8 toys for bunnies. It includes a lot of wooden toys like Bell, Roller, Dumbbells, unicycle, and apple tree branches for chewing. The wood quality is remarkable and would be totally safe for your pets. These best rabbit toys would be a complete fun package for your pets.  



  • 8 Toys Pack for Rabbits
  • Made with Quality Wood
  • Healthy fun package for bunnies
  • Safe to play with
  • Durable quality
  • A bit expensive
  • Not suited for fully grown rabbits 

Kaytee Chew Toy Carrot:

Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot, LargeKaytee Chew toy carrot toy would keep your pets busy for hours. The design looks a lot like a real carrot although it is made with wood. The wood is easily chewable so it won’t hurt the teeth of your pets. 

In fact, it would make the teeth of your rabbits even stronger than before. The materials being used for making the toy are non-toxic and natural. It is a great rabbit toy that would keep your pets distracted all day while you take care of your daily routine. 



  • Wooden carrot toy for pets
  • Made with natural wood
  • Carrot shaped design
  • Easy to chew
  • Doesn’t hurt the rabbit teeth
  • Won’t last for long
  • The carrot design is not so great

WINNINGUINEAPOO Rabbit Hay Feeder Toy:

WINNIGUINEAPOO Rabbit Toys Rabbit Hay Feeder Hay Roller Toy Guinea Pig Accessory Toys for Rabbits Chinchilla Guinea Pigs Handmade in The U.SWINNIGUINEAAPOO is a fun way of feeding your rabbit. This toy hay feeder comes with compartments where you can stuff the hay for your rabbits to eat. 

This toy is reusable and would last a long time for your pets. It would also be great for the health of your rabbits. It provides mental stimulation and would help your get rid of boredom. It has a great design that makes it one of the best choices for the best rabbit toys that you can buy in 2021.



  • Fun Toy that facilitates the rabbit feeding job
  • Reusable Toy
  • Provides decent exercise
  • Made with Natural Materials
  • Useful for Healthy teeth growth
  • Quality is not durable 

ULIGOTA hay Chew Sticks:

ULIGOTA Timothy Hay Chew Sticks Pet Chew Treats & Toy Rabbit Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Hamster SticksLooking for a fun way to feed your little bunnies? You should go for the ULIGOTA Hay Sticks that are easily chewable and best suited for your pets. Rabbits love to chew wooden sticks and eat hay. This toy provides both these features to your rabbits.

They can play around with the stick and eat it to meet their food requirements. Also, you can buy this chew food in bulk and store it for your rabbits so that you can feed them whenever you need to.



  • Stick Shaped Chew Hay Sticks
  • Can be stored for a long period of time
  • A fun way of feeding Hay to your Bunnies
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Timothy Hay that is perfect for rabbits
  • Hay quality might not feel entirely natural
  • Could get a little expensive including shipping costs

Prosper Pet Collapsible Tunnel for Pets:

Prosper Pet Cat TunnelThis 3-way spacious tunnel by Prosper Pet would keep your pets busy throughout the day. This tunnel is made with quality materials and it is even collapsible so you can move it around when your pets are done playing. It is made with durable polyester materials that would last a long time.

It is suited for rabbits as well as cats so it would be good at dealing with scratches and stuff like that. Each tube is about 10 inches in length and contains about 17-inch depth. It is a great toy that would provide your pets with maximum fun and entertainment.



  • Fun collapsible tunnel for rabbits and cats
  • Made with polyester
  • Available in a variety of color choices
  • Can be folded down easily
  • Tear Resistant Built
  • Might be a bit hard to set up for beginners
  • May automatically collapse from time to time 

Trixie Snack Board for Pets:

Trixie Pet ProductsTrixie Snack Board offers you a way to make the routine snacks more fun for your rabbits. This board comes with 7 lids and the food is under one of these lids. The rabbit has to lift the lead to reach the food.

It is a decent physical as well as a mental exercise for your pets. You can train your rabbits using this trick snack board. It is a durable product that would make eating ordinary snacks fun and exciting for your pets.



  • Snack Board with 7 lids
  • Helps stimulate mind and body 
  • Keeps your pets busy 
  • Fun and healthy 
  • Durable quality

  • Doesn’t remain challenging after a while 
  • Rabbits can easily move the board to lift all lids at once  

Prevue Hendryx Hideaway Toy Grass Hut:

Hand Crafted Extra Large Grass House for RabbitsIf you are looking for a Grass hut that is made with natural materials and that offers excellent durability, you should consider the Prevue Hendryx Grass Hut. 

It is suited for medium-sized rabbits. It comes with 2 holes that rabbits can use to go in and get out of the hut. It is made with pure sisal Tassel and it gives a totally natural feel. It is handwoven and the build quality seems quite awesome.    



  • Hand Woven Grass Hut
  • Looks Great
  • Compact Design with very little footprint
  • Durable quality
  • No assembly required
  • Might be a bit uncomfortable for bug rabbits
  • Can be a bit expensive 

Hand Crafted Grass House for Rabbits:

Hand Crafted Extra Large Grass House for RabbitsThis cute little rabbit toy would keep your pets entertained for hours. It is a handmade grass house for rabbits that is made with natural materials.

Aside from being a home for your pets, it is also a great chew toy that you can use to keeps your pets away from your furniture. Your pets can play around here and it would be a good source of exercise for them which is necessary for their proper nourishment.



  • Durable quality Playing House for Rabbits
  • Grass PlayHouse that is easily chewable
  • Wide space
  • Natural design
  • Great user reviews
  • Might not last that long 

Kaytee Chew Toys for Bunnies:

Kaytee Small Animal Chew ToysKaytee Chew Toys offer your pet rabbits a fun way of playing around. These shew toys are made with 100% safe wood and contain almond nuts in them for a unique flavor. 

These chew toys would improve the strength of their teeth and would offer them an entertaining way to kill their time so that they won’t go on and mess up your carpet or furniture.

These chew toys look great and would be a good option for the best rabbit toys that you can buy in 2021. 



  • Wooden Chew Toys with Almond
  • Good for Rabbit health
  • Durable quality
  • Fun design
  • Impressive user reviews on Amazon
  • Might not be totally safe because of the design
  • A bit expensive 

AUOKER Chew Toys for Bunnies: 

Organic Apple Wood Sticks for BunnyThis unique rabbit toy would be a perfect choice for your pets’ rabbits as it has 2 in 1 function. It is a combination of Apple Wood sticks and Hay that are the most favorite chewing items for rabbits. 

The design is made with natural materials so there won’t be any kind of health risk associated with these. If you want your rabbits to have strong teeth, you need to have this toy. 

The materials being used in the making of these toys also have various health benefits like improved digestion as well. 



  • Unique Rabbit Toy with health Benefits
  • Great for Chewing
  • The design is great
  • Made with organic materials
  • Helps with Digestion
  • Won’t last for long
  • Might come off as a bit expensive 

 Niteangel Fun Balls for Pets:

Niteangel Small Animal Activity ToyThis Niteangel Fun Balls set would be a perfect addition to your rabbit pet toys. You will get a variety of balls made with organic materials that have not even the slightest hint of impurity in them.

These balls would keep your pets busy for hours as you take care of the rest of the routine. Rabbits can chew these balls scratch them or simply just play around. This would be a great source of exercise for them. You can use these in rabbit cages to avoid a mess at your home.



  • Handmade Balls with 100% Natural Build
  • Fun to play around with
  • Great source of exercise
  • Durable build best suited to be used in a Rabbit Hutches
  • Might be a bit messy for your home
  • Not suited to be used outside rabbit hutch

Kaytee Fiddle Sticks for Rabbits:

Kaytee Small Animal BedsKaytee Fiddle Sticks for Rabbits are bendable wooden stocks that your rabbits can play around with the way they want to. There is a variety of different colors that you get with the package. 

The color of the wood has no effect on its taste. The colors are pretty cool and would look great to play around with. Also, they would help improve the teeth strength of your rabbits. These sticks are equally suited for chinchillas and rats as well.



  • Shapeable Wooden Sticks
  • Colored Wooden Sticks that look great
  • Non-Toxic Design
  • Excellent quality
  • Sticks can be bended

  • Might not last for long
  • The wood quality might not be so great 

VCZONE Chew Toys for Bunnies:

VCZONE Rabbit Chew ToysVCZONE Chew Toys Pack for bunnies is a complete package that would keep your rabbits entertained for hours. All the toys are made with natural ingredients such as applewood, water grass, and wood vine so there won’t be any health issues associated with these toys. 

These toys would help improve the dental health of your pets and would keep their digestive system clean and strong. These shew toys are equally good for fun as well as for exercise.     



  • Comes with a variety  of chew toys
  • Best suited for bunnies and small rabbits
  • Great source of exercise
  • Perfect choice for rabbit Hutches
  • Improves the teeth Health

  • A bit expensive chew toys package for rabbits
  • Doesn’t offer many health benefits 

Mkono Seagrass Hideaway Toy Hut:

Mkono Natural Seagrass Mat Hideaway Hut ToyMkono Seagrass Toy Hut is a fun living space for your rabbits that they can use to play around with and it is great for chewing as well. This toy is made with natural materials and your rabbits can use this to chew. 

It would keep them away from your furniture as it is close to real natural feel that they are going to get. It has a spacious size that is enough for most average sized rabbits. It would help prevent dental disease for your pets.



  • Seagrass Rabbit Toy Hut
  • Suited for Chewing
  • Spacious size
  • Suited for all small animals
  • Safe to use (Made with Natural Materials)
  • A bit expensive
  • The design might come off as a bit rough

AikoPets Playing Tunnel for Pets:

Cat & Kittens Toy with Interactive Intelligence Track Ball TowerThis 3-way connected Tunnel by AikoPets would provide a fun playing area to your pets. It is made with durable quality materials that are strong to handle any kind of bumps and scratches that might come it’s way. 

It is made with polyester materials that are tear-resistant and responsible for its excellent durability. The best part is, this pet toy is collapsible, and you can easily set it up anywhere you want to.         



  • Made with durable polyester
  • Fun Tunnel for Small Animals
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fun Design that looks great
  • Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Expensive than most Rabbit Toys on our list

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Rabbit Toys

Let’s briefly go through some of the things that would help you pick out the best Toy for your rabbits. There are many things that you need to consider if you want to make the right choice which is exactly what this guide is for.

  • Variety of Toys

There is a huge variety of rabbit toys that you can find online. And since they don’t cost so much, you can buy different kinds of toys for your rabbits. There are toys for chewing, for digging, for shredding, and even collapsible tunnels.

Buy the one that works the best for your rabbit. It is good to go for a variety of toys otherwise your pet would just get bored playing with the same thing again and again.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing 

We all feel happy when we get a present that looks good right? Pets are not so different. Whatever toy you may end up buying, you need to make sure that it looks good. It should have a fun design that looks great to the eyes.

  • Toys Should be Safe

This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind. The rabbit toy that you are planning on buying needs to safe for the rabbits. It shouldn’t be made with toxic materials that are not good for animals. The materials should be soft yet durable and there shouldn’t be any kind of safety risk associated with these toys.

  • Easy to Chew 

You need to buy rabbit toys that are easy to chew. You can’t buy a product that is hard on the teeth of your rabbits. Buy a toy that can withstand the teeth of your rabbits without hurting them in any way.

  • Durability 

This goes without saying that the rabbit toy needs to be durable. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your money. Make sure you buy a rabbit toy that offers excellent durability and that doesn’t break off so easily. These toys would last a long time for your pets.

  • Price 

Figure out your price range and look for rabbit toys that fall within that range. This is important because there are many products available out there that are in fact ordinary toys and still cost a lot. You don’t want to fall for these cheap tricks. Set up a budget and look for a product that falls under that budget.

Final Words

Rabbit Toys offer a fun way of playing around for your rabbits. And as well all know, playing is a good form of exercise. The rabbit toys that we mentioned on our list are quite entertaining and provide your pets with a healthy way of fun and entertainment. Make sure to check out these products when looking for the best rabbit toys online, 

Stay Tuned for the latest news about the trending Rabbit Foods, Hutches, Cages, and toys.

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