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Top 10 Best water Bottles for Rabbits

Top 10 Best Water Bottles for Rabbits 2021 – Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

It is always a good idea to keep your bunnies fully healthy and hydrated. And though giving water in the bowl can work out great to some extent for your bunnies. But for the best experience, you might want to consider rabbit water bottles. These bottles come in different shapes and sizes and are specifically designed for rabbits and small animals. They can provide a constant and fresh supply of drinking water to meet your bunny’s hydration needs.

These bottles are available in various qualities and price ranges. You can pick the best water bottles for rabbits keeping in mind the features you are looking for and how much money you can afford to spend. So, if you are new to this stuff and need help in deciding the best water bottle for your bunny then this is the right place for you. Here are the 10 best rabbit water bottles along with their features and advantages which are picked by a thorough market search and quality check.


  1. 32 oz rabbit water bottle by Lixit

Lixit Critter Brite Water Bottles for Rabbits, Ferents and Other Small Animals

This water bottle is one of the top choices of the rabbit owners. It has sufficient water capacity and keeps water fresh for quite a long time. This bottle is easy to carry and made up of high-quality material. It works equally well for rabbits as well as ferrets or other similar small animals.

Features Overview:

This bottle is perfect in size and shapes for your bunnies. It has vacuumed seal to keep water from spilling or getting compromised. It is transparent that helps to keep an eye on the water level. This product was made in the USA and it is total BPA free which indicates its purity and good quality. The color of the bottle is kind if neon which gives it a pretty sophisticated look. You can easily carry this bottle as it has a proper grip. The material quality is quite good and its durability is also more than most products.


  • Non-toxic material
  • The Suitable Size
  • Good material Quality
  • Works for ferrets and other small animals as well
  • Ease of Carrying
  • Dripping can happen if not tightly closed
  • Cleaning can be tough
  1. Vannon water bottle for rabbits 25 oz

Vannon [2020 Upgrade Version] Rabbit/Chinchilla

This is an upgraded version of the original water bottle with better material quality and durability. The bottle is made to be chew-proof and non-leakage and works well for rabbits as well as dogs or other little animals.

Features Overview:

This bottle with the capacity of 25 oz or 750 ml has a nozzle diameter of 10mm which is ideal for small animals such as rabbits. The material is non-toxic and BPA-free. It has a silicon sealed interior which makes it leakage or dripping proof. Water filling is made very easy by top flip lid design. There is also detachable clamp mount bottom which allows you to keep it inside or outside the hutch according to your wish. The company gives a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is faulty or damaged.

  • Can be a bit expensive
  • The material is pretty susceptible to damage


  1. H528 No drip rabbit water bottle by Choco Nose

Choco Nose H528 No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle

These best water bottle for rabbits has an easy-to-use design and cleaning them is very easy to work. It works pretty well for rabbits and cats etc but it is not so good for hamsters or guinea pigs. You can mount it to the wall or wood as it has the nailing bracket.

Features Overview:

This bottle is made up of high-quality material and the design is made to be leakage proof. The dripping is also little to none. Its nozzle is 133mm which suggests it works better for larger rabbits. Nail-on-bracket makes it rigid and immobile which reduces the chance of spilling the liquid. Its installation is very quick and easy and cleaning it doesn’t require much effort.

  • Leak proof nozzle and BPA free material
  • User-friendly design
  • Can be nailed to the wall or wood with screws
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Good for small cats and dogs as well
  • Very little dripping due to tight lid

  • Doesn’t work for small rabbits
  • The water capacity is a bit less


  1. Midwest Home for pets Animal water bottle

Animal Water Bottle | Ideal for Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

This product is best for large animals such as rabbits or chinchillas. The water capacity is also considerable. It can be used in the glass aquarium as well. The material is made to be BPA-free.

Features Overview:

The product has a large water capacity of 20.8 oz. It is ideal for guinea pigs and large bunnies. It has a sip spout made of stainless steel material. And features suction cups so that you can use them in a glass aquarium as well. It can be attached to the cage easily with the help of just a plastic screw. This bottle is pretty easy to refill and clean as it comes with a lift-top cap. The material quality is also reasonable for this price.


  • Large capacity of 22.8 oz
  • Non-toxic product material
  • The product includes a 1-year warranty
  • Lift-top cap to ease the refill and cleaning
  • Can be used for a number of large animals

  • The product-built quality is somewhat mediocre
  • It cannot be used for rabbits and other small pets
  1. Eco plus water bottle by Living world

Living World Eco + Water Bottle

This environment-friendly bottle is made up of recycled glass. Its design is completely dripping proof and the lid is tight. The product material is of good quality and is leakage-proof.

Features Overview:

This best water bottle for rabbits is made up of recycled glass that makes it eco-friendly. It saves you installation time and is very easy to refill. Its design is very elegant and cleaning it is very easy and not at all troublesome. One awesome feature of this bottle is its water level indicator that helps you keep track of how much water has left or how much your pet has had in a given time. The price is very reasonable as compared to its many great features.

  • It has a capacity of 12 oz which is very reasonable
  • Very little Dripping chance
  • Easy installation
  • Ease of refilling and cleaning
  • Not so hard to carry with you anywhere
  • Features a water level indicator

  • Not good product material quality
  • A little leakage and water not coming out issue sometimes


  1. 48 Oz Animal care rabbit feeder and water fountain by Lixit

Lixit Feeder/Waterer for Rabbits

It is sort of a 2 in 1 product where you can use it for water as well as for giving dry food to your rabbit. Other than rabbits it is also recommended for guinea pigs and ferrets. Its water capacity is quite large than other similar products.

Features Overview:

As mention above this product eliminates the need for a separate bowl for food as you can just unscrew the reservoir and flip the base to use it as a bowl for food. This best water bottle for rabbit’s design is pretty fun and catchy, the bunnies seem to love the shape and structure of the product. One best thing about it is the capacity of water it can keep. You can keep up to 48 oz water and 5 cups of food at a time in the bottle.


  1. Top Fill rabbit water bottle by Lixit

Lixit Top Fill No Drip Water Bottles for Small Animals

This bottle is made keeping in mind rabbits specifically and other similar small animals. The design makes it very easy to fill and change the water whenever you want without even removing it from the cage.

Features Overview:

It is designed such that it can be easily mounted on the outside as well as the inside as per your convenience and ease. The bottle is very easy to clean and there is negligible leakage and dripping from the bottle. The flip-top lid makes it very easy to refill the bottle and to keep an eye on the water level inside the bottle. The drinking tube is stainless steel which makes it more immune to dripping.

  • BPA free manufactured
  • The size and design are ideal for medium to large animals
  • Convenient refill and cleaning
  • Dripping made less by stainless steel drinking tube
  • Two flat sides make it possible to mount it inside or outside the hutch
  • Very reasonable price

  • Not suitable for small bunnies and other animals
  • A bit hard to carry it with you


  1. 64 oz All-weather water bottle for rabbits by Lixit

Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle, 64oz

The prominent thing about this rabbit water bottle its strong build quality. The material is non-toxic and can withstand weather and other harsh conditions. This bottle is the best choice for you if you want something that can work with other small animals such as ferrets or guinea pigs as well.

Features Overview:

The bottle is best for indoors and outdoors cages all the same. The stainless-steel material makes it strong and also stops dripping. This best water bottle for rabbits comes with a very open and wide mouth that means you can refill and clean it from the inside very easily. The bottle is BPA free which means the material is made to be harmless for your pets This water bottle is ideal for small animals including guinea pigs and ferrets.

  • Sturdy and high-quality build material
  • No dripping from the bottle
  • Easy access to the inside of the bottle for cleaning purposes
  • No BPA makes it completely hygienic
  • Very easy to carry and install

  • The price might be more than other similar products
  • Leakage may occur at times


  1. No drip small animal rabbit water bottle by RentACoop

No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle. BPA Free

The product material is strong and chews proof which makes it ideal for bunnies as they have a thing for chewing stuff a lot. It is also equally useful for other small animals such as guinea pigs etc.

Features Overview:

The bottle is designed to provide a fresh, clean, and steady flow of water to your bunnies. It keeps water clean and it is very easy to just put it outside the cage. The refill is made very easy with the help of a flip-cap cover. The water level is also visible easily and you don’t have to separate it from the cage to check how much water has left.

  • It includes BPA free food grade plastic waterer
  • Flip cap cover
  • Chew resistant nozzle
  • Installation and cleaning are very easy
  • Reasonable price with many features
  • No backflow of water keeps the water inside clean


  1. 45 oz Depets No drip small animal water bottle for rabbits

2PCS 8.45 oz No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle,

If you are looking for a bottle for your pets in case if you get away for an hour or two then this right here is the best choice for you., Its design is rabbit friendly and allows steady water flow to keeps your pets hydrated in the case you are not at home.

Features Overview:

This best water bottle for rabbits is specifically designed to stop leakage and dripping of water inside the cage which makes the cage less messy and smelly. It has a screw-on a bracket which makes it very easy to install. A wire is also an option for hanging it inside the cage. The head is made up of stainless steel and comes with a small roller ball which makes it very easy for your rabbit to access and drink from it.

  • Simple and easy to install
  • Very easy to clean
  • The material is strong with very little to no dripping
  • The material is BPA free and durable
  • The nozzle size is ideal for small dogs and guinea pigs along with bunnies

  • Some leakage might happen
  • Tying to the cage sometimes doesn’t work

Things to Look for Before Buying the Best Water Bottle for Rabbits

To help you choose the best water bottle for rabbits here are some important pointer that you should always consider. Rabbit water bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and it can be hard to find what you are looking for. But these few things will surely help make the process easier for you.

The rabbit bottle must have these few features:

Size and Age of your bunny

The bottle you choose should be specifically designed for your bunny’s age and size. Some bottles don’t work for larger animals while others don’t for smaller ones. So, consider the size of your bunny before buying a rabbit water bottle.

It should be multipurpose

Some bottle designs come with built-in bowls to serve food to your bunny. Try to go for such designs as it will save you a bunch of money. Also, it is always better to buy such a bottle which is not designed for only one kind of animal.

Less Time Consuming and Easy Installation

Always consider these things as if the installation is complicated then it will be hard for you to adjust if something goes wrong. Also detaching it will also be tiresome and time-consuming. So, try to buy those designs that don’t need much adjustment and maintenance.

Water Storage Capacity:

This is an important thing to consider. It is better to find a bottle with more capacity if you own more than one animal. The capacity of water should be according to your bunny’s size and drinking requirements. A general rule of thumb is if your bunny weighs 6 pounds then it needs a litter-sized bottle. If you happen to own a small water bottle then it is better to keep a check on water level from time to time.

The Material Components of the Bottle:

The bottle must be made up of nontoxic plastic and BPA-free materials. The rabbits tend to chew stuff a lot and you don’t want them to chew the bottle and let the chemicals inside their system. It should also be sturdy and durable.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping your rabbits hydrated is an essential thing and should always be a top priority. The steady supply of water keeps your pet active, energetic, and healthy. Thus, it is better to own the best water bottles for rabbits which is also most recommended by the users. The prices might be more for some bottles but they are worth it in every way. The above-mentioned best water bottles for rabbits are among the most popular choices of the pet owners and if you consider one of these bottles and you won’t be disappointed.

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