Can rabbits eat celery

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

It is a popular vegetable good for the health of both humans and rabbits. Rabbits eat a carrot, but they can eat other fresh vegetables too. It’s easy to find these vegetables in the supermarket. Your answer to can rabbits eat celery?


Raw celery is a fibrous vegetable that needs a great deal of effort to chew. This post is to help you know whether celery is good for rabbits and which part of it is good to eat. Celery is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is highly recommended for your rabbits.

So, you can consider feeding them small amounts. Although not all rabbits will like celery, it’s worth giving your rabbit a bit to see if it likes the Food or not.

Benefits of Celery

It is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is recommended for your rabbit as it complements their diet. Celery is a great vegetable for your rabbit to eat a few times a week.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

It is made up of 95% of water and helps get your rabbit to have enough water every day. Celery is full of vitamins, and minerals rabbits need to add to their health. These nutrients include folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, vitamin B6, Manganese, and Phosphorus.

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Prevents Growth of Cancer

Celery is full of vitamins and nutrients. Eating celery helps in the prevention of the development of cancer in the body of rabbits.

Diversified Taste

If you give the hay and pellet food to your rabbits, they will start feeling bored with the same diet every day. Rabbits love to explore new things, whether it’s about surroundings or dishes. So, giving them celery to eat can be a good idea to diversify your taste.

Enjoying Healthy Food

Your rabbits’ teeth are always growing, and they always keep chewing. So, celery is a crunchy vegetable for them to chew, and your rabbit friends will definitely enjoy the taste as well as the chewing experience. So, celery food is the new treat for your rabbits.

Highly nutritious Food

Celery contains a high amount of nutrition and vitamin. This Food is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, and Nivacin.

Health Risks Celery Pose to Benefits

Celery is a great vegetable you can feed your rabbit, and it can also lead to some health issues. Some of the potential risks of celery for your rabbits are given below:


Sometimes the celery can cause diarrhea due to its high percentage of water. Usually, extra water intake can help in the proper functioning of a rabbit’s digestive system. However, excess water and hydration can lead to diarrhea. When you give them celery for the first time, make sure it’s in small amounts.


Celery has a long fibrous strings that potentially cause cough in your rabbit’s teeth or stick in their throat, causing them to choke. IF your rabbit is choking on a piece of celery, you can help them by gently patting its back.

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This helps to dislodge the piece of celery. Also, take your bunny to a vet as quickly as possible to get the issue resolved. The best way to prevent such problems is that your rabbit should receive the celery diet in small amounts as 1 inch in length. So, a short length celery diet will not lead to choking.

Intestinal Blockage

Celery are the long fibrous strings that can get caught in the stomach and intestines catching Food and other particles. This can lead to the blockage of your rabbit’s intestine. The condition is called as GI stasis. This condition will be painful for your rabbit friend. So, ensure that your rabbit’s celery is cut into small amounts so that GI problems can be decreased to a large extent.

Sugar Rich Diet Problem

Celery contains just 2% sugar, and it’s a good diet until you offer it to your rabbits along with the other foods rich in sugar. The lower concentration of sugar is the reason why rabbits like to eat this Food.

Rabbits thrive on eating low sugar diet. We recommend you to your rabbits this vegetable a few times a week and not with other sugar-rich vegetables. Excessive sugar intake can lead to teeth problems and obesity.

80% of your rabbit’s diet can be hay, and 10-15% should be vegetables. The vegetable portion should contain a mixture of different veggies with a change in what you feed your rabbits every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Celery Bad for Rabbits?

The answer is No. Celery is not bad for rabbits. You can cut celery into small chunks using a knife. It helps prevent gastrointestinal problems.

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Do Rabbits Eat Celery Leaves?

 Celery leaves are a safe diet for your rabbit friends. Celery leaves do not cause choking, and bunnies like to eat these leaves.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery Root?

Yes, rabbits can eat roots celery just like leaves and stalks. However, their taste is not as yummy as leaves.

Can Baby Bunnies Eat Celery?

No, you shouldn’t give your rabbits any supplementary foods other than their mother’s milk until they get at least 3 months older.


Can pet rabbits eat celery? Definitely! Whereas wild rabbits don’t commonly eat celery. It’s a great vegetable you can give your rabbits in moderation. However, celery doesn’t only have some nutritious benefits, but there are also health risks attached to them. We have explained health benefits as well as risks associated with feeding your pet rabbits with celery.

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