Can Rabbits Eat Spinach

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

Spinach is a leafy green flowering plant and is beneficial for the health of your rabbit friend. Spinach is a healthy diet for your rabbits, and you can buy a bunch for yourself and share some amount with your pet.

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

Spinach can be fed to your rabbit in the fresh form of your bunny. Never give your rabbit the spinach that has gone smelly and wilted; this could lead to a bacterial infection.  When feeding your rabbits fresh food, you have to watch for the sugar and starch content in the food. Spinach is not on the bad list of diets for your rabbit friends.

Can rabbits eat spinach?

Spinach has a lot of vitamins and nutritious substances, but because of the higher levels of oxalates, we should limit the quantity of vegetables. Flat-leaf spinach has smooth and broad leaves that have the shape of spades.  Rabbits love the taste of spinach and will happily eat the veggies. 

Can rabbits at spinach leaves?

Spinach leaves are safe for your rabbit friends to eat as they are non-toxic, and rabbits love to eat them.

Can rabbits eat canned spinach?

You shouldn’t feed your rabbits cooked or canned spinach as it can be dangerous to their health.

Can wild rabbits eat spinach?

Yes, wild rabbits can have spinach or other vegetables. However, don’t introduce them to spinach too quickly.

Can rabbits eat spinach lettuce?

Romaine lettuce and lamb’s lettuce are safe for rabbits. Dark leaves are healthy for them. Any lettuce given to your rabbit should be in moderation as part of their vegetable diet. Large amounts can cause digestive problems and health issues for your pet friend.

Health Benefits of Spinach

Spinach is great food and full of essential vitamins and minerals that benefit you and your rabbit friend. It is high in vitamin A, essential for the healthy growth of a rabbit. 

Full of vitamins

Also, spinach is full of vitamin C, E, and K and the minerals like calcium, iron, folic Acid, Magnesium, and potassium.

Good for the digestive system

Spinach is fibrous and is beneficial for the digestive system of rabbits. Rabbits don’t have constant stomach movement, and they rely on the diet they get to have enough fiber for proper digestion. 


The reason presence of fiber is important is that without it, your rabbits can develop GI stasis which is where the digestive tract slows down or stops. This is not just painful, but it can lead to death if there is a blockage in the stomach.

The stalks and stems of spinach, the fibrous parts, and the roots are high in sugar. You should ensure that roots are cut off before you give your rabbits the spinach treat.

Water Content

Also, spinach is high in water and keeps rabbits hydrated. Raw spinach has 91% of water. 

Good for growth

Spinach has carotene and vitamin A that is good for the development of a rabbit’s body.

Health Risks Spinach Pose to Rabbits

Rabbits should be given spinach in moderation, and it’s good to feed them once per week, but not more than twice a week. It should be made a part of their balanced diet added with grass and pellets.

Spinach is oxalic acid, and it occurs naturally as a toxin that is fine in small amounts. However, if your rabbits eat it excessively, the oxalic acid will bind together minerals and make them insoluble. This can lead to urinal tract issues and bladder stones.

Low levels of iron can cause anemia in rabbits. The high levels of oxalates can bind the calcium in spinach and decrease the absorption, and this creates a calcium buildup in their body, leading to kidney and colon problems.

Rabbits absorb all the calcium eat, and this makes the presence of calcium excessive in their body. Also, don’t combine beets, mustard greens, parsley radish tops, sprouts, or swiss chard with the spinach you’re going to feed your rabbits. 

On the other hand, foods you can combine with spinach include Arugula, Asparagus, Basil, Bok Choy, carrots, cilantro, clover, collard greens, cucumbers, fennel, mint, peppers, red lettuce, sage, thyme, wheatgrass, spring greens, and others. Don’t let such risks turn you off feeding your bunnies the spinach treat. 

Can rabbits eat raw spinach?

You should feed your rabbits fresh spinach, and it shouldn’t be the slimy and smelly one. This could lead to a bacterial infection.

Can rabbits eat spinach yes or no?

Yes, rabbits can eat spinach, but it’s important to be careful about the amount of it and don’t introduce it too quickly.

Can rabbits eat spinach daily?

Rabbits should be given a small amount of spinach every day. Rabbits can take the spinach to treat every day, but remember that vegetables should take only 10-15% of the daily diet. 

What greens can rabbits eat?

Carrots should be fed sparingly, and they’re high in carbohydrates. They may upset GI bacterial flora. 

Final Words:

So, rabbits can eat spinach and have adapted to eat many types of wild grasses and young plant shoots. They love to eat a lot of hays. Offering them fresh vegetables can be a delicious treat for them.  It’s a great way to boost vitamins and minerals. However, it is recommended to introduce the diet very slowly so that health risks like the ones explained above can be avoided.

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