CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch Review

CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch Review 2021

[Honest] CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch Review 2021 – Is it safe for Rabbits?

There are a number of shapes and sizes available for rabbit hutches around the stores. Some of these are particularly designed for rabbits while some may be used for other animals as well. Both are a good choice if you are a rabbit owner but if you are looking for a hutch that could be used for multiple animals such as chickens, guinea pigs, and rabbits, etc, then it would be better to pick the hutch that can meet all those requirements. This CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch review will take you through one such hutch that can be used for multiple animals and has all the essentials that make up a perfect rabbit hutch.

CC RH-08 Rabbit and guinea pig Hutch is a very practical and useful product. It is made to look just like a mini version of a house. If you are considering buying a rabbit hutch the best way for it is to go on various online shopping sites and read their features, benefits, disadvantages, and customer reviews. This way, you can make a well-calculated decision that you won’t regret.

CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch

Characteristic Features and Quality:

This wooden hutch is made from high-quality wood that doesn’t decay under harsh conditions and doesn’t crack easily. The work on the wood is very sleek and crafty which indicates that it is made by some skilled woodworker. It is designed so that it blends well with your yard or even the garden. The medium shade of brownish color makes it look sober to the eyes. The overall arrangement looks very similar to a typical house.

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This hutch has the dimensions of 47’47’59 inches and is of the standard size. Its weight is only about 130lb which makes it easier to move and clean. The upper portion has a bluish slope which is pointed at the top. The slope is symmetrical in shape and is properly placed over the body of the hutch. The inner part has dimensions of 21’21 inches. On the upper portion of the hut, there is something similar to the balcony of a regular house.

The bars are of great quality and are coated to save them from weather conditions. These bars are inserted in the medium walls and are placed at a distance that keeps your pet safe and also allows you to enter necessary air and sunshine in the hutch. These bars are a great defense for your bunnies from predators.

Benefits of CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch:

This hutch comes with a great many advantages that make your every penny count and worthwhile. Its pointed roof structure is designed specifically to keep your bunnies safe from predators. It can accommodate a pair of bunnies easily. You can also make some modifications to the structure to make it safer for your pet. For example, there is room for installing locking hooks that work to keep the rooftop attached to the structure of the hutch. Again, these precautionary measures might take up some of your time but better safe than sorry.

The model is designed and built with great care and to perfection. The structure is consistent and the parts are undamaged and of great quality. The design blends well with whichever place you chose to put it. Usually, with these things, stuff like structural details and interior design is ignored and not given much importance. But this is not the case with this hutch. Both the interior and exterior of the hutch have structural consistency and attention to detail.

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There is also proper ventilation and passage of air inside the hutch. Which allows your pet to get fresh air while saving it from the predators simultaneously. And for securing the floor from predators you can use 12-gauge mesh which keeps predators from attacking from below.

There is a specifically designed interior room in the hutch which provides warmth in the winter season. So, this hutch is basically ideal for changing seasons.

Price Affordability:

One significant feature of this hutch is its price range. With this price range, you probably won’t find the hutch of this quality. And since it is designed in a way that if you want to make some modifications you can do it all by yourself without spending money on professional help. It also saves you a lot of money as it is multipurpose and can be used for guinea pigs or chickens etc.

Things you should be conscious about:

This hutch stands out for its sophisticated structure and affordable price. The customers seem to have a positive experience with this product as it is clear from tons of online reviews. But there is one little thing you should be aware of and keep a lookout for and that is the hutch is not entirely chew proof. And rabbits specifically have a thing for chewing stuff. But this is highly unlikely to happen so you don’t have to be extra careful about it.

And you can also confirm from the online customer reviews that very few of the comments were about the hutch being chewed by the rabbits. The hutch doesn’t need much-taking care of as its design makes it easier to clean it and it is very easy to move it from place to place if necessary.

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Final Words:

The CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch is a rabbit friendly model that is best in both quality and design. So far it has received very few negative reviews and the customers seem to love this product a lot. It is a multipurpose hutch that is equally useful for keeping chickens and guinea pigs as well. So, you buy this product and at some point, if you want to switch from bunnies to chickens or guinea pigs, there is no need for you to spend any more money at all.

Its affordable price and design make it the best choice for your pet bunnies or even chickens. So, keep your bunny in this hutch and free yourself from worrying about its safety by providing it a secure and fun place to live.


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