New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch Review

New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch Review

New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch Review

New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch has many designs, various shapes and sizes. Each with something different then the first one but having basic features of a rabbit hutch which are a part of each of them. People usually go for a hutch that is unique but simple and that has a design which looks pleasant to the eyes and decorates the area where it is put. This hutch is colored white which gives it this calming and soothing look and makes you want to stare at it.

So, if you are looking for a rabbit hutch for your pet and your priority is that it should be white in colour then New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch is exactly the thing you should go for. It is available in online shopping website Amazon. This hutch comes with a very elegant colour and cool design in a very reasonable and affordable price. You can get this new age pet huntington rabbit townhouse rabbit hutch for less than 300$ on Amazon.

Following are this product’s features and some benefits and downsides. Make sure to go through all of them in order to make the right decision for your rabbit’s living place.

New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch


As mentioned above this hutch is coloured in all white, and the finish of natural cedar makes it appealing to the eyes and decorates the area around it. The hutch isn’t made up of simple wood, rather it is made from a specifically designed material called eco-flex. It is a compound consisting of recycled polymers and by-products of wood, which gives this rabbit hutch its structural integrity and durability. The hutch has sufficient place inside it and has the exterior dimensions of 31.9’x39.4’x48’ inches. It weighs about 39.6 lbs and has the interior dimensions of 31.5’x 35.4’x 16 inches.

The material used in the hutch is of high quality and its structure and design is also unique and practical. This is the reason that this hutch has received a lot of positive reviews from the customers all over, and both bunnies and the owners seem to like this product very much. Here are some Pros and Cons that will help you make the right choice for your bunny’s house

Benfits of New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch:

This rabbit hutch comes with twin living areas. This feature allows rabbit to move comfortably inside the hutch and also makes the place easy to live and navigate for your pet. The lower portion of the new age pet huntington townhouse rabbit hutch open directly to the ground which gives your bunny direct access to the grass beneath the hutch.

There is also the shaded area inside the rabbit hutch which serves the purpose of keeping the bunny safe from heat of sun and provide shelter in the case of rain. This is also an ideal spot for your bunny to relax after skipping all over the area and getting tired. The ramp is also located on the lower portion which is used by the bunny to go to the upper portion. The ramp meets with the ground on the lower part which makes it easier for the rabbit to use, as the access from the ground requires much less effort than from a flat polished surface.

The pen is of 18-gauge wire which is coated and galvanized in order to reduce the rusting of the material drastically. Hence you can keep the hutch outside in the rain without worrying about its material getting damaged or rusty at all.

The recycled polymers, by product wood, coated wires and not to mention its design make this product durable, strong and worth your money.

The hutch is extremely strong in its structure and there are no complaints of it being damaged in heavy rain, sunshine or the extreme winter weather conditions.

In the middle of the hutch there is a metal tray which is of considerable size. This tray is very easy to operate and you can remove it from the hutch with quite ease for cleaning purpose. You can make the tray more comfortable for your rabbit by putting some hay or paper on it. This is also good for absorbing liquids and keeping the hut dry.

The New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch is very easy and simple to put together. You don’t need any help from the manufacturer or any other wood worker to adjust this hutch. You can fix it in less then 10 minutes without any tools or equipment. Another cool feature of this hut is its inside burrowing area which is particularly loved by rabbits.

New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit hutch Cons:

This hutch has received a whole lot of positive customer reviews and the rabbit owners seem to recommend this product a lot because of its over all quality, design and colour. But many few of the users have complained about the tray of the hutch being fragile and of not so good quality. Also, the upper part of the rabbit hutch lacks a wire which leaves rabbits no other option then to sit in their own faeces and urine. This problem is being discussed and is being worked on. It is necessary to have a way of taking care of rabbit waste in the upper portion of the hutch to avoid wood damage.

Final Words:

This hutch is the top choice of rabbit lovers all over as it has all the necessary features of a typical rabbit hutch. Its quality is off the charts, design is elegant and the colour is catchy and attracts one’s eyes. And all of this comes in a very little price of about 300$. The parts of the hutch are carefully designed with high quality and precision. The wires used are galvanized to prevent from rusting.

You can visit online shopping websites such as Amazon etc. and read the reviews to see for yourself how much this product is being appreciated. Yes, there are some negative aspects but they are very little in comparison to the positive ones. So, without wasting anymore time just buy this hutch for your cute bunnies and give them a fun and safe place to live.

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