Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Review

Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Review

Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Review

When it comes to dry food for adult rabbits it should aim to provide two main things. First, it should be consistent with their recommended nutritional profile and secondly it should be sensitive in taking care of rabbit’s taste buds. Both these factors are essential when choosing suitable diet for an adult rabbit.

There is this huge misconception that rabbits are not that fastidious when it comes to their food and they don’t really care, and you could even give them dog food of sorts and other stuff like that and they will eat anything. But this is as far fetched from the truth as it can possibly be.

Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Review

Rabbits are in fact pretty picky and fussy when it comes to their food. And there are a lot of options from which you can easily choose what works for you in terms of price range and quality. So, if you are looking for better rabbit food for your fully grown adult rabbit then Oxbow adult rabbit food is probably the best choice for you to make.

It contains all the ingredients which make a healthy and toothsome food for your rabbit. One amazing thing about oxbow adult rabbit food is the soft and delicious pellets which are prepared with extreme consideration and are appealing to rabbits of all sizes. It has been able to get a lot of praise and tons of positive customer reviews all over the world ever since it was released. And its popularity seems to grow by every coming day.

Absolute Nutritious Food

This adult rabbit food is basically a part of Bunny Basics Essential Range of Oxbow rabbit food. It contains neatly prepared food pallets. Different recipes are available and you can choose one of those formulas according to the rabbit’s age.

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The ingredients used are all fresh and according to the standards. It contains dietary fibres, minerals antioxidants to keep the rabbit healthy and to meet its dietary needs. It provides your rabbit enough energy and nutrition to go skip about all over the place plus it also helps keeping its appetite and maintaining its health.

The key ingredient is the timothy grass which is responsible for a shiny and prominent green colour of the pellets. Timothy grass is so nutritious and rich in fibres that are good for your rabbits’ diet and it serves your rabbit to stay full for a long time after having this food. The food is processed to retain its nutrients for a long time and you can practically smell the fresh grass on opening this food.

It has a very positive effect on your rabbit’s digestive system and keeps its teeth healthy as well. Hence it has both taste and nutrition’s that your rabbit requires. One more factor that makes it the best choice is its calcium to phosphorus ratio. It is essential for a rabbit’s proper growth and development of its healthy body. A dry food that doesn’t contain this ratio in right amount is often responsible for sludge or white crystals in your rabbit’s urine. 

Getting more calcium than rabbit actually requires in its system is one of the most heard about problems relating to a rabbit’s health. That’s why oxbow adult rabbit food is prepared keeping in mind this crucial factor of right calcium to phosphorus ratio to eliminate this problem.As mentioned before this adult rabbit food is rich in nutritious ingredients and along with the ones mentioned previously it also contains vitamins such as vitamin K, A, C, E, D3 along with Naicin, Folic acid and B12.

Pellets Preferable to Rabbits

This food is recognised by vets all over and is no doubt the best and recommended choice of food for your rabbit. The pellets are mushy, soft and are not very large in size which makes them easy to bite, chew and swallow. These pellets clearly appear to be fresh as they are directly imported from the farms and processed with great care.

These pellets are your rabbit’s favourite as they are an enhancement of their favourite food. And to add more to its quality there are no fake colours, flavours or artificial additives which could cause danger to your rabbit’s health or appetite.

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More Benefits with A Very Little Cost

The price is extremely reasonable and affordable as compared to other products. A single 25lb bag should be enough for more then a year if you own a single adult rabbit. And guess what it only costs 32.12$. And you don’t have to worry about the food getting stale or losing its freshness after opening it because it comes with a resealable bag that keeps the rabbit food fresh for as long as you need it to be. All of this for a very reasonable and affordable price.

Is It Enough to Just Give This Food to Your Rabbit??

Obviously one can not live on just one kind of food forever. Though oxbow adult rabbit food is undoubtedly an excellent choice but your rabbit also needs mixture of vegetables, green leaves and fruits along with this dry food. You can alter between these to have a variety of options for your rabbit.

Distinct Features of Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food

It is based on specific timothy hay formula and contains small and soft pellets brought directly from the farm and is fresh and easy to consume for your rabbit. In a very reasonable price, it gives your rabbit a tasty dry food with basic nutrients and a recommended calcium to phosphorus ratio to keep it healthy. The dietary fibres, vitamins, proteins and many such healthy components make it a treat for your rabbit.

Final Thoughts

Oxbow adult rabbit dry food is the best choice for you when it comes to quality and reasonable price. So, whether it is your first-time buying rabbit food or you are looking for something better, this is the dry food you should go with. It is highly recommended by animal experts and rabbit owners all over the world due to its taste, healthy formula and packing that keeps it safe for a long time.

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