Oxbow Young Rabbit Food Review

Oxbow Young Rabbit Food Review

Oxbow Young Rabbit Food Review

It is common knowledge that a rabbit’s diet and nutrition needs are rather different in the first 10 to 12 months of its life. Most rabbit owners are a fan of more alfalfa rule and to them it seems to work pretty well. What they are unaware of is that this rule is also applicable to the dry food too and it is better to introduce dry food to your rabbit before it reaches the age of 1 year.

This food is specially designed to meet your bunny’s nutritional requirements and help in its physical growth. So, if you are looking to by dry food for your rabbit then we suggest that you go with Oxbow Young Rabbit Food as it has all the ingredients that work to boost your bunny’s growth and to keep its appetite at the same time.

This dry food is from Oxbow’s “Bunny Basic Range” and it is specially formulated for the rabbits below the age of 12 months. This dry food can be a healthy addition to leafy greens and the fresh hay that your bunny might be having during these early days of its growth.

And if you aren’t able to provide sufficient greenies and veggies to the bunny during this crucial period of its life then this dry food is the best next alternative you should opt for.

Energy Rich Dry Food

Oxbow Young Rabbit Food Review

Oxbow young rabbit food is extremely rich in healthy components such as proteins, amino acids and dietary fibres which are very important and necessary for your rabbit’s health and growth. Young rabbits tend to be more energetic and thus to keep up with their energy needs the dry food is essential along with their normal diet.

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This food is also equally good for older rabbits who are suffering from some health condition and have suffered huge weight loss.The pellets are mushy and softer and you can smell the freshness just like in a pack of fresh Alfalfa hay. But the nutrition content is obviously more in this dry food.

The major ingredients of this dry food are wheat, soy-based products and Alfalfa hay, all of these serve a particular purpose in the rabbit’s proper  is the source of required energy for your bunny, soy makes sure the presence of healthy fats in your bunny’s system and finally the dietary fibres and proteins are provided by the alfalfa hay.

These ingredients work together in a harmony to fulfil your rabbit’s nutritional needs and to maintain its energy.To add more to it the vitamin count is also good in the product. Vitamins such as B, along with D3, folic acid, choline and riboflavin are incorporated in the formula to increase its effectiveness. 

It’s safe to say that this dry food is rich in all the necessary nutrients, proteins and healthy ingredients that your young rabbit needs for its health and growth. And that is why animal experts and vets around the world recommend the oxbow young rabbit food for rabbits.

The Pellets Are Like a Treat for Young Rabbits

Rabbit owners have reported that the pellets in this dry food are very much liked by their pets and they seem to want more every time you give it to them. The reason is the quality of taste and softness of these pellets.

The customer reviews are a direct proof on how excellent this dry food is as they are filled with stuff like their bunnies love this food and cannot live without it and some even go up to this level where they say that their bunny practically begs for this food and some rabbit owners say that they have been giving this dry food to their rabbit for more than a decade.

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These statements might not be totally true or somewhat exaggerated but still they are a clear evidence that both the owners and the bunnies seem to love this product a lot.

About the Right Dosage

The manufacturing companies seem to suggest that you can give an unlimited number of pellets along with their usual diet i.e. hay etc but that is probably not a very good idea. Instead you can give it to your rabbit in carefully measured way that is, in small doses. A general rule of thumb is to ad 5% dry food each time in your rabbits’ normal diet. In this way you can take care of your rabbit’s nutritional profile in a good way.

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In the case where you want to change your bunny’s diet then it’s a good idea to mix it up with the rabbit’s current diet so that it gets used to the new diet as well. Experts usually recommend a ratio of 3:1 where 1 part is the new food and 3 parts is the food that the rabbit is already having on daily basis. This ratio is increased gradually and slowly until the bunny gets used to of the new diet.

Why This Product Stands Out?

It is nutritionally rich and is especially designed for rabbits under the age of 12 months. The ingredients are fresh and the pellets are soft and chewable. The protein content and dietary fibres are very high. And one amazing thing about the product is that there are absolutely no artificial colours, preservatives or taste enhancers in the formula.

Its packing is done in such a way that it could last months without getting its quality compromised even after it has been opened for use.It also works for older rabbits as well. And due to its amazing quality and neat packing it is recommended by vets all over the world.

Final Words

Oxbow young rabbit food is undoubtedly the best dry food for rabbits out there. It is prepared keeping in mind the recent quality standards and is loved by rabbits all over. So instead of compromising your bunny’s health and diet, you should go for this dry food as it has both taste and nourishment that your rabbit needs.

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