Rabbit Breeds: Complete Guide to Most Popular Rabbit Breeds

Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Breeds

Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Breeds

Looking to pet a Rabbit You are at the right place. This complete guide to the most popular rabbit breeds has everything that you need to know before buying a rabbit pet. After doing a through research, we have come up with the most famous rabbit breeds that are available out there. All these rabbit breeds have different sizes, shapes, colors and traits. 

Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Breeds

Just like people belonging to different places have their own lifestyle and traits, same is true for rabbits. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our review of the best domestic rabbit breeds that you can take in as your pets. We are quite certain that you can find the rabbit pet that you are looking for, right here.       

  •  Belgian Hare Rabbit

Bulgaria Hare Rabbit is one of the oldest rabbits’ breeds and their roots can be traced back to 18th century. As for the personality of this rabbit breed, they remain anxious most of the times when confined in small spaces for long. They like huge spaces where they move around freely and feel like themselves. If you want these rabbits to properly grow, you need to provide them free space to run around. It has a brownish color and they would be quite playful once they get to know you a little bit.          

  •  American Rabbit 

This rabbit breed is quite rare and found mostly in America. If you are thinking about petting a rabbit, you should try and get your hands on this rabbit breed. These rabbits have a friendly nature. They have a sweet nature and would be a great choice for houses that have kids. If you take proper care of these rabbits, they can live for over 12 years. They come in pure white color that looks sweet yet elegant. Still, make sure that you gently handle these rabbits.     

  •  Blanc De Hotot 

Blanc De Hotot is usually found in France and can be reengined with its distinctive eyeliner. It has white body that offers excellent contrast with the color of its eyes. These pets have a friendly nature and they really do seem to like kids very much. They also remain friendly with other pets, provided they grow up together. Although, these rabbits would require you to take proper care of them. You’d have to brush their hair and take them to a walk with you if you want to bond with them.           

  •  English Spot 

Although this rabbit breed is generally found in the wild, they adapt quite easily to the life of a house. They can be recognized with their distinctive black spots on their white skin. They are no so friendly at first and would require you to take a lot of care of them if you want to develop a strong bond with them. They don’t do well in confined spaces. You shouldn’t keep them in a cage all day. Give them at least 2 to 3 hours outside of the cage every day.    

  •  Harlequin Rabbit 
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Harlequin Rabbits are known for their playful nature. They are the friendliest and the mischievous rabbit breed that you can find out there. They like to run around a lot and explore the environment around them. They would be a totally safe addition to your family as they are harmless. Although they like to run around a lot, your kids would feel safe when playing with them. They have brownish and black color for their skin. If we had to recommend a rabbit breed for you, we’d say you go for these rabbits.     

  •  Netherland Dwarf Rabbit 

Netherlands dwarf rabbits are a rare rabbit breed that is known for their quite nature. This rabbit breed isn’t that playful, especially in unkind territories. They would require some time to adjust themselves in a house environment. You would need to deal with them with patience and love, only then you would be able to see the true personality of these rabbits. It is suited for homes that have no children. Because they have a small size, they are a bit hard to manage. This rabbit breed has black color skin.             

  •  Flemish Giant Rabbit 

Flemish Giant Rabbit is known for its huge weight. They can weigh as much as 22 pounds. These rabbits are friendly with humans as well as other pets like Dogs. This gentle giant is used as a pet as well as for meat all over the world. They are quite low maintenance and doesn’t require you to stay on top of them 24/7. They are great with kids as well. This rabbit is harmless and would be a great choice for households.   

  •  Californian Rabbit 

A Californian rabbit is a cross between a Himalayan Rabbit and a Chinchilla. They quickly adapt to any environment they are put in. Although they require their outdoor time for proper nourishment, they would do good indoors as well. They need their play and cuddle time if you truly want to bond with them. Once these rabbits are comfortable with you, they would stay by your side forever. Plus, they don’t require constant care and attention. These rabbits would be a great choice for a home with kids.          

  •  Tan Rabbit 

Tan Rabbit are usually found in England and they were first discovered in 1880. They are known for their distinctive tan color fur and their energetic nature. They don’t weigh that much so they would be easy to pet. They like to run around a lot and need huge spaces for proper nourishment. You need to give them enough outside time if you want your tan rabbit to feel at its best. They can be quite high maintenance sometimes so you shouldn’t leave them alone with kids.   

  •  Dutch Rabbit

This is a crossed rabbit breed that was made in England in 1830. These rabbits are recognized with their half black and half white body. These rabbits are quite social and love to play around with humans. In fact, they lose all their energy if they are not given proper care and attention. They have a nice attitude and children are welcome to play these rabbits. They don’t pose a threat of any kind to kids. In fact, we recommend you get these rabbits if you have kids at your home.     

  •  Lionhead Rabbit 
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The lionhead rabbit is a rare rabbit breed that was first introduced in the 90s. It has its origins in USA and now, it has become quite popular all over the Europe. These rabbits are kind of like dwarf rabbits as they are not so big and weigh just about 3 pounds. These rabbits are best suited for small apartments and households. They have a lifespan of about 10 years. They are easy going and have a friendly nature.        

  •  English Lop

This rabbit breed is known for its friendly and laid-back personality. These rabbits are known as the dogs of the rabbit friendly. They have the longest ears of all the rabbit breeds that you’ll find out there. They are kind of hog maintenance and you need to take a lot of care of these pet rabbits if you want them to grow to their full potential. They are quite friendly and best suited for houses that have kids.     

  •  Holland Lop Rabbit 

Holland Lop Rabbits have about 14 years of lifespan. They weigh just about 4 pounds and come with awesome flappy ears. They are one of the cutest rabbits breeds out there and would quickly adapt to your home environment. They are usually found in cities and can happily live in confined spaces. Still, you would need to take them for a walk every now and then if you want them to grow to their full potential. These rabbits have friendly personality and doesn’t require any special maintenance.          

  •  French Angora Rabbit

French Angora is a classy rabbit breed that truly gives a statement. They are super cool and look awesome. Their distinctive feature is their eyes. Although these rabbit breeds require constant maintenance. You need to take proper care of these rabbits if you want them to grow to their fullest. This pet breed would be a perfect addition to your family. Also, these are quite rare. These rabbits are usually found in France and are recognized with their blackish color.         

  •  Checkered Giant Rabbit

This pet rabbit is one of the heaviest rabbits’ breeds that you can find out there. These rabbits weigh averagely about 13 pounds. These rabbits are known for their laid-back personality and they have the ability to quickly adapt to any environment they are brought to live in. This breed of rabbits is gentle and won’t require much maintenance. They like to live independently, and they thoroughly enjoy their outdoors time. These rabbits are known for their distinctive black and white color.    

  •  Continental Giant Rabbit 

Continental Giant Rabbits are one of the most commonly found rabbit breeds. They are also one of the largest breeds that you can find out there. They weigh between 18 to 22 pounds. They have large erect ears and the color is black with a blend of white. These rabbits are quite intelligent and require human interaction for their proper growth. These rabbits are widely popular because they are low maintenance. We’d recommend these rabbits as pets.   

  •  Polish Rabbit 
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These rabbits have small size and they weigh only about 2 to 3 pounds. These rabbits come in 7 different colors but the most common of these is the white color with black spots all over the fur. These pet rabbits are fun to be around so if you have kids at home, we would recommend you get these rabbits as your pets. They would quickly become a part of your family because their nature is sweet and gentle. 

  •  Sable Rabbit 

This rabbit is known for its beautiful, sable colored fur and its tiny size. These rabbits are one of the most social and energetic rabbit breeds that you can find out there. They weigh about 8-9 pounds and are quite low maintenance. They won’t require your constant attention. Although you do need to rake proper care of them if you want them to be your friend. They are easy to take care of and don’t make much mess for you.   

  •  Mni Rex

Mini Rex are known for their distinct velvet textured soft fur. They have a calm and gentle nature so if you have little kids at home, we would recommend you choose this rabbit breed as your pet. They weigh about 4 to 5 pounds and have a small size. They won’t require 24/7 attention as they are quite independent. Although, you do need to take them out for a walk every once in a while.      

  •  French Lop

French Lop rabbits have their origins in France and are considered to be one of the cutest rabbits breeds out there. These rabbits have a sweet and clam personality and they are known for their more than average cognitive intelligence. They have lopped ears that look very cute on them. They weigh about 14 pounds. These cute pets would be an excellent choice for your home as they quickly adapt to new environment. Also, these  rabbits are kid-friendly so you won’t have to worry about leaving them a lone with your kids.       

Final Words

That’s about it. These are the best rabbit breeds that you will find in the market. These breeds differ from one another based on their color, shape size, playfulness and so much more. So, you should figure out what kind of rabbit you would want for your home and then look for the ones in our list. There are many other rabbit breeds aside from the ones that we mentioned on our list that you can check out. 

Stay Tuned for latest news about the trending Rabbit Products like Rabbit Hutches, Cages, Foods and toys etc.

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