Trixie 2 in 1 Rabbit Hutch Review

Trixie 2 in 1 Rabbit Hutch 2021 Review

If you own bunnies or you plan on having them as your pet then a rabbit hutch is something you will definitely want to have. It is always a good idea to keep your pets in a recommended and well-designed environment.

Trixie 2 in 1 Rabbit Hutch Review 2021

There are a whole variety of rabbit hutches of different price ranges, shapes, sizes, and designs. Your rabbit house must have basic features such as elegant design, good material quality, and affordable price. Here is the review of one such rabbit hutch manufactured by TRIXIE which is a trusted and reputed company when it comes to strong rabbit hutches.

This 2 in 1 rabbit hutch has two stories that are sufficient to keep many rabbits at once. Space is enough that the rabbits do not feel congested at all. There is considerable ease of movement inside the hutch for a number of bunnies. This hutch is useful for small animals such as guinea pigs as well. Hence it is also a multipurpose hutch. Its two-story system can be used in two ways: either as separate units or a single hutch.

This rabbit hutch comes with many cool and useful features. Here are some distinctive features of this rabbit hutch that make it worth your every penny, along with its benefits and some minor drawbacks to give you a clear picture to help with your decision.

Characteristics and Features of Trixie’s 2 in 1 rabbit hutch

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As mentioned above, it’s a double story hutch with retreat areas on each floor where the bunnies can use shade and enjoy privacy. The ramp which is a pathway to both floors is made non-slippery which makes it easier for bunnies to move about inside the hutch. There is also a bolted door on the upper portion of the hutch. It works to separate both floors whenever there is a need to keep the rabbits away from each other.

The roof can be opened up as it is fixed using hinges with locking arms. The hutch has the dimensions of 46’26’44 inches and it weighs about 74 pounds. The roof is flat and can be easily removed to clean the upper part of the hutch.

The 2 in 1 rabbit hutch also has some unique security features to help bunnies keep safe from predators and wild animal attacks. These feature side latches and powder-coated metal lattices which keep your pet safe if the rabbit hutch is put outside.

Benefits of 2 in 1 rabbit hutch by Trixie:

The high-quality solid wood which makes up this hutch gives it strength and ability to bear harsh conditions outside. The beautiful shiny finish and artistic woodwork make this hutch into an amazing and fascinating model that looks great in every way. The material is so good that it gets damaged very little even if your bunnies try to chew the wood, and it remains fine for a long time. The material is durable and can withstand sunshine and extreme weather conditions such as rain etc.

The hutch is very easy to navigate, install and its weight makes it easier to move from one place to another. There are two movable trays that you can extract from inside the hutch and you can clean it very easily whenever you feel like it.

As there is a ramp to move between the floors which can be opened or closed with the help of a latch, you can use this feature to separate male and female rabbits and you can also open it if you want them to mate and expand their family. It is totally your call whether you want to keep it closed or not.

For installation, you don’t need much equipment. You might need a single power drill and some other easily available things. The entire process is carefully explained in written form which anyone can easily understand and proceed with the installation.

Another interesting this about this hutch is its surprisingly affordable price. You can provide a living place to a number of your bunnies or even guinea pigs with these cool features such as the non-slippery ramp, movable roof, moving trays, etc only for about 192$. This multipurpose 2 in 1 rabbit hutch is the best choice you have in this price range.

Some possible drawbacks

Cleaning the tray can sometimes be annoying and hard work as the urine might stick to the tray surface and it becomes hard to remove it. You can put a piece of paper or plastic to protect the tray but again it takes some of your time. Also, you might want to keep the hutch outside because of the smell of cedar which stays for a long time.

The things missing from this hutch are proper ventilation and wire meshed bottom. The missing wire mesh from the bottom leads to bunnies sitting on their own feces which can cause infections, and missing ventilation holes block the flow of fresh air inside the hutch. The lack of ventilation causes the hutch to be smelly and unhygienic. The unprotected bottom may attract predators but the chance of that happening is very little.

Final Words

Trixie’s 2 in 1 rabbit hutch is an excellent house that you can provide a number of bunnies at the same time. Its material is of good quality and it is very easy to install and take care of. You can clean it as often as you want with great ease. There are certain minor downsides i.e., little ventilation, tray cleaning struggle, and some defective parts. But even these negative aspects don’t make it any less useful of a hutch. You can go online on shopping sites, etc Amazon and see for yourself how much customers adore this product and its elegant design and quality.

So, you are encouraged to choose Trixie 2 in 1 rabbit hutch for your rabbits as it has all the necessary features of a rabbit hutch with a great design and very affordable price.

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