What to Feed Wild Rabbits ?

What to Feed Wild Rabbits ?

What to Feed Wild Rabbits ?

Rabbits are one of the most popular and kind creatures to delight our backyard and meadows. Their long, pink ears, strong hind legs, black button noses, and cottontails give them a subtle appearance and make them the subject of childhood myths over the centuries.

Rabbits belong to the same family as Leporidae, but they are in a different category. There are 11 genres within the family, but the term “hares true” refers only to the species of the genus Lepus; everyone else is a rabbit.

While some people view wild rabbits as pests in their garden, most of us like to see rabbits in the yard and worry about their health. I always get worried about wild rabbits in winter because I know that the lack of resources available means that many will not be able to arrive in the spring.

What to Feed Wild Rabbits ?

However, it is usually best not to feed the wild rabbit directly, as it will make them more dependent on humans for food.You can help wild rabbits have food resources by planting shrubs and winter plants. This will make more resources available. You can also plant crops the whole to give wild rabbits nutritious options.

There are some people who live in areas where wild rabbits are threatened may be very concerned about the wild rabbit in your area. For example, European rabbits have been cited for a number of infectious diseases in recent decades, reducing their numbers. They were recently classified as Near Threatened. Other species, such as the New England Cottontail, are also under conservation efforts to help increase the number of wild rabbits.

What Do Wild Rabbits Usually Eat?

Rabbits are natural mammals. They eat almost any type of planting material they can find. Most of the time in a year their food will be a mixture of grass other leafy plants that they can find naturally, such as clover and wildflowers.

Although some plants and flowers are poisonous to rabbits, most of them have a digestive system that can handle plant material better than any other, edible animal. It means that wild rabbits can eat a variety of plants from the environment to eat more nutrients and stay healthy.

In winter we know that the plant life is short, wild rabbits need a lot of skill to survive. Rabbits need to compete for limited resources such as bark, twigs, and evergreen needles on trees and winter trees. Winter Time is always considered to be the most difficult time of the year for rabbits and leads to the death of many rabbits who failed to get enough food in the winter. Whenever the food is scarce in winter, rabbits may turn to eat bark from trees or shrubs.

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A Natural Way to Help Feed Wild Rabbits

If you are willing to feed wild rabbits in your community, it is an ideal choice to give them a natural way to continue their search for food. If you try to feed wild rabbits directly or simply leave containers full of their food, you run the risk of rabbits relying entirely on you for food. It can soften the natural habitat of any rabbits living nearby, making it impossible for them to survive on their own.

So, it is the best solution to try to find ways to feed wild rabbits by caring for your lawn or planting a garden that is a safe and acceptable place. You can give wild rabbits in your area various kinds of plants to eat and nutritious grass to eat. It is also a good idea to think about rabbits in the winter and take the time to plant trees or shrubs that can give wild rabbits extra natural resources to eat during the famine.

Care of Lawn and Garden

The greatest thing you can do for your lawn and garden is to help wild rabbits make sure you cannot use any kind of pesticides or fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals included. This can ultimately poison rabbits and other animals in the area. Try to treat your yard as a living garden so that you can keep all the plants safe for rabbits.

You can also allow your garden to grow as a pasture, instead of always looking clean. You can let wildflowers grow in your yard, instead of plucking them off like leaves. Dandelions and clover patches are nutritious for rabbits and are great for eating. If you allow your lawn to grow longer without shearing may encourage rabbits to come and graze.

Growing herbs and other vegetables, such as carrots and leaves, is also an ideal and natural way to help feed wild rabbits in a natural and nutritious way. You have to accept that wild rabbits in the area can eat these plants when they are young before you have the opportunity to use them.

Plants Feed Rabbits in Winter

If you think about wild rabbits in winter, you will want to give them trees with twigs and trees that they will be able to eat. Other good plants include berry berries, such as raspberry or blackberry plants. Other trees, such as oak, sumac, and dogwood, are also good ways to feed rabbits. Young trees often have soft bark, which is especially fond of rabbits.

Growing tall vegetables regularly is another way to benefit rabbits. They can chew on the branches and eat needles. These trees and shrubs provide rabbits with a place to hide and hide in the winter. When the leaves are depleted, rabbits have a hard time hiding in predators, so these trees can give them more profit and a healthier chance of living in the winter.

Dry Climate Areas

If you live in an area with a particularly dry climate or passing through a dry area, it is best to leave rabbit water containers. To make sure that mosquitoes do not build up in the area and that bacteria do not begin to accumulate in the containers, you will want to replace them with water every day anyway anWhat to Feed Wild Rabbits ?d from time to time clean the water tank completely.

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What to Avoid when Feeding Wild Rabbits?

It is the best way to help feed wild rabbits by feeding them naturally. This will prevent them from relying on you for food. Large amounts of food in the yard can also attract other unwanted animals which can be very dangerous or prone to spreading diseases. However, if you want to spread leafy vegetables left in the yard for wild rabbits to eat, there is nothing wrong with that.

Remaining herbs, strawberries, or carrots on top, or cut edges of various fruits and vegetables are safe to eat by wild rabbits. Instead of throwing the remains in the trash, he puts them out of the rabbit hole. But try not to make this a daily habit.


Mostly seeds and nuts are not suitable for rabbit digestion. There are other alternatives, such as sunflower seeds, but the main part you want to avoid is keeping it where wild rabbits can eat it. Although birdseed is not suitable for rabbits, they will try to eat it anyway if they find it available. 

High Sugar Foods

The management of the many commercial rabbits you will find at the pet store has many pieces of colorful fruit for them. Many of these are unhealthy for rabbits, be they domesticated or wild, and are better protected. This includes medicinal mixes, as well as widely available yogurt treatments.

If you want to leave something cooked, you can spread pieces of fruit and vegetables in your yards, such as strawberry or carrot, so that wild rabbits can come together as they look for food. That will keep them from eating too many fruits and vegetables at one time.

Cooked Human Remains

Most wild rabbits will not touch the cooked food, but it is best to avoid making it available to them at all. Cooked food, even if it is all based on plants, is not good for rabbit digestion.

How to Feed the Wild Orphan Baby Bunny?

You can follow the step-by-step guide to feed an orphaned wild orphan.

  • If your baby rabbit is cold, you have to warm them first. Place it in an enclosed space like a shoebox containing a clean cloth.
  • Please bring some grass for sleeping purposes. Or you can use rabbit sleep instead of flour.
  • Goat’s milk is a perfect choice, especially for an orphaned rabbit. You can find goat’s milk at the nearest grocery store.
  • It is a challenge to feed a rabbit because of its size. However, you can feed them with a syringe. You can collect it at your nearest pharmacy.
  • Warm the goat’s milk and keep it germ-free.
  • Allow the milk to cool until it can be touched by hand.
  • Then feed the normal warmed milk with the help of a syringe.
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List of Safe Vegetables for Rabbits

  • Mustard greens
  • Peapods
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Bok Choy
  • Dandelion leaves
  • Swiss chard
  • Broccoli
  • Cilantro


  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Collard greens
  • Beet greens
  • Lettuce
  • Mint.

5 Things You Should Feed Wild Rabbits

The cool thing about eating winter/summer food is that the cold helps to store any fruit or vegetables you may want to take out. 

Five Things Are Recommended for Feeding Wild Rabbits

  1. Sunflower seeds- If you are willing to make sure they are not wet or moldy, sunflower seeds can help them stay warm and love them.
  1. Kale-green is very hardy and inexpensive to feed. 
  2. Baby Carrots – another good idea to put your own first before buying it. They will eat them for sure but it can take a few nights. Just remember that carrots are high in sugar so they should be fed sparingly. This is true of ALL fruits!
  3. Rabbit packs – start with just a few other foods to see if they will be selected. We raise the cost scale here but you may be doing a lot to help them with nutrition.
  4. Apples –  This is another inexpensive food to feed the rabbit. If you have a room, it is best to keep it in a bin in your refrigerator. It’s the same with carrots. Feed this as a treatment due to its high sugar content which is not suitable for digestion.

As you can see, you do not need to turn your land or budget upside down to feed wild rabbits in your backyard. After all, having wildlife in your backyard can be a daunting task. Or, you may need to try different foods to see if your other guests can leave it alone. The type of saffron diet in which your squirrels are often known.

Yes, before feeding a wild rabbit, you can confirm whether the rabbit is an orphan or not. Sometimes, baby rabbits begin to explore their immediate surroundings. This way, they can come to your yard, especially during the day. But that does not mean that rabbit is an orphan.

However, with extreme caution, if you find that rabbit is an orphan, you should immediately contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation center.Usually, the Old Rabbit spends most of his day outside his nest looking for food. A mother rabbit feeds her baby rabbits at night and in the morning.

What Not to Feed the Wild Baby Bunny?

  • You should not give cow’s milk to the rabbit.
  • Also human baby milk is not recommended for baby rabbits.

However, a mother rabbit feeds only her baby twice a day. With proper care, you can raise baby rabbits.


There is a big difference between pets and wild rabbits. Therefore, their behavior is completely different.I hope, by now, you have a complete idea of ​​what to feed wild rabbits. And apparently, this list is not just for winter. You can donate this food item all year round to a wild rabbit.

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